District Officials

Stephen Snyder
Clark Dague
Kim Howard

Cindy Snyder

Cindy Snyder

Margie Weiler


Lake Todd Village District was formed in 2004 by the litoral owners of Lake Todd, located in Bradford and Newbury, New Hampshire, in accordance with New Hampshire Revised Statutes. These statutes allow formation of Village Districts for the purpose of the impoundment of water and for the purpose of the supply of water for domestic and fire purposes, which may include the protection of the source of supply. This process was completed in accordance with NH law, specifically RSA 52, "Village Districts", and the District continues to conduct its activities in accordance with these statutes.

Meetings and Postings

Annual meetings are held on the last Saturday in June of each year pursuant to RSA 52:12. These meetings are preceded by a budget hearing held on the last Saturday of May. Prior to the Annual Meeting both the warrant and the proposed budget are posted at the meeting location, in the Bradford Post Office and outside the Newbury Town Office and also on this web site's Information page.

Hearing minutes and many other important documents are also available in the Information page.

Dam Maintenance and Other Activities

A Calendar is available of District activities such as meetings, dam maintenance, lake water testing, highway clean-up, and the summer social.

Check the Lake Todd Times link to see back issues of our newsletter.

Check the Water Testing link to see water quality reports by year, some details of the testing, and example graphs.

Check the Photo Album link for new loon pictures! and look for the Lake Todd Village District page on Facebook.

Here also is a link to a very large file (4.7MB) with a report from 2009 about a search for exotic plants on the lake with primer on their identificaion. So far so good, but PLEASE be vigilant and always clean any boat or trailer you put in the lake.